We continue the Get-Well-Sessions in Shi Discovery. During the year 2020 we learned that all ages benefitted from these sessions and we have a very good response. Our fragile human world has seen so much upheaval! We are happy and thankful with you in our online sessions and workshops. Practising all together at the same time and being still inside we can influence positively ourselves, our environment and all the living beings surrounding us. “Trust the world inside you – trust the world outside”

Inside all of us lies an immense power. Connecting with nature and the blue sky around us, helps to connect with our nature deep inside us. It takes courage to open ourselves.

This is what we do in our practice on Tuesday and Thursday. We are very grateful that you are joining us to practice together in our Get-Well-Sessions, you are very welcome to stay involved. New participants are also welcome to join two sessions for free.

If you like to join, please send me a message with your e-mail, your name and country.